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It simply works!

The CHIPBOX makes your ebike much quicker in no time at all, mounted in just moments. Back on public roads, the CHIPBOX can be removed in seconds. Your ebike is, once again, legally in compliance with the regular speed limits.


You read ‘25’ – and drive 50!

Don’t be surprised at your speedometer: When your ebike is travelling at 50 km/h with a mounted CHIPBOX, the speed displayed is only 25 km/h. Find out below why that is the case.



  • Mount the CHIPBOX via the speed sensor.
  • Secure the CHIPBOX using the O-ring at the sensor.
  • Exchange the cross slot screw at the magnet with the clamping screw enclosed when used for the first time. - For future use you won’t need tools to relocate the magnet!
  • Relocate magnet. - Unscrew - relocate - screw together. Done.



Please ensure there’s at least 15mm space between sensor and spokes.



  • Release the CHIPBOX O-ring.
  • Remove the CHIPBOX.
  • Relocate magnet to the original position.


Technical data:

Length:52 mm
Height: 42 mm
Width: 21 mm
Weight: 32 g incl. battery
Special feature: splash proof battery case, coated electronics. Also works under water.



  • The CHIPBOX is not to be used in normal road traffic or in areas regulated by the Road Traffic Act!
  • Use is only permitted on private property or for example for competition or test purposes.
  • Mounting the CHIPBOX may lead to a loss of the bicycle warranty.
  • Use of the CHIPBOX is entirely at your own risk and danger.
  • The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage to property and/or persons arising from inappropriate use of the product.

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